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As I keep moving forward with my goal to preserve our digital photos by making various collages; I see a pattern.  I have noticed that as my children are getting older it’s much harder to get them to take numerous pictures without complaints.  I want to use these collages to display our family memories but I’ve noticed the most pictures I have of each of the kids are when they are younger.

Sure the youngest kiddos are still willing to be my little hams and always looking for opportunities to see pictures of themselves.  It’s my teenagers; they are always shying away from the camera or making annoyed faces.

I guess the message here is to take the photos while they are still young or to be stealthy and catch them when they least expect it :)
I’m marching on with my random collages and I hope you enjoy them as much as I find joy in creating them.  My collages have no theme, no rhyme or reason they are like my music player on shuffle.  I just grab whatever comes up and put it together.

Here’s a glimpse at our family memories as we share Our Life Through Pictures.


Have you noticed it’s harder to get older kids to take pictures, and if they do, look happy about it?  Do you have any tricks to convince these teenagers that one day they’ll cherish these family memories?



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  1. Christina

    I think they’re just self-conscious about themselves as young teens & young adults. I generally find that people (of all ages) who don’t like getting photographed are very self-conscious about themselves, and just need a major confidence boost! If all else fails, there’s also always the good old guilt trip to fall back on 😉

    Christina recently posted…Get Noticed! Blog AwardsMy Profile

    1. Debbie

      Yes Christina I think you are right about them being self conscious. I too don’t like to take pictures sometimes. I will try to keep this in mind when I am pestering them :)

  2. Kim

    I got distracted by the plane – is that a KC135?
    That’s what my husband flies!! I keep telling him that he should try to get a job in Hawaii!!!
    Kim recently posted…Tuesday RewindMy Profile

    1. Debbie

      I definitely think you folks should move out here. I’m not sure what type of plane it is. Every other year Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps (MCBH) has their Air show. We try to take the kids as often as possible. It’s much easier for us now since we actually live on Oahu (moved here from the Island of Maui about 3 years ago).

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