Exercise, Cutting Back and Picking My Battles

Here we are at the beginning of a new week!  It’s Summer; even though I live in Hawaii Summertime can still make me get excited.  The weather is a bit hotter and we have less rain.  What did the week look like for you last week?  For me, it was all about Exercise, Cutting Back and Picking My Battles.

Using motivation to incorporate new lifestyle changes.  Exercise, cutting back and Picking my battles

Exercise and Cutting Back

Previously I shared the 8 Benefits of Regular Exercise.  Not only did I want to discuss how beneficial exercise being incorporated into a routine is, I also wanted a way to get myself motivated.  I was using  it as a way to put ME on check, kinda like an accountability thing.

So…. How did I do this week?   My first week went okay.  I went to the gym 2 days, and went walking 1 day.  It was 100% more than the previous weeks, so that was an awesome achievement.  I do feel my effort could have been better and I really did have the time to do more.  I plan to take each week, or sometimes each day and do with it what I can.  Even though my effort was low I already see a difference.  My energy level has increased, my appetite has decreased (less snacking) and I was finding it very easy to sleep and stay asleep all night.  I have woken up feeling more rested.Liquid calories can really add up. Positive changes incorporating exercise, cutting back picking my battles

I also made some dietary changes.  I cut back and almost eliminated all liquid calories.  Such a small change with an amazing return.  I cut back a few hundred calories, which also forced me to increase my water intake.  Win/Win!!!!!!

PIcking My Battles

Summer for me is all about the kiddos.  Having the kids out of school and getting to start some reading adventures and exploring the beauty of our Islands never gets old.  I am looking forward to the fun we will have and yet apprehensive about the exhaustion factor and hearing the endless moments of arguing.Summer is about fun in the sun. Taking time to remember to keep up with academics is important. It's all about balance and Picking My Battles

The most important factor outside of FUN, FUN, FUN is; reading and keeping up with academics skills.  I wholeheartedly believe Summer break needs to have lots of play and downtime.  At the same time taking a small chunk of the day to read and keep up with school work is vital.

If you are looking for great summer reads for your children or the little ones you know, a wonderful place to get started is at the Association for Library Services to Children. Here is the link for the 2014 Summer Reading List.

Last week was my school aged children’s first week out of school.  Boy, did that take some adjustments.  It amazes me how much getting use to the whole group being home takes.

I think my toddler and I were on our own routine and we both balked a little about having to change things up.  My sweet little toddler sure needed help when it came to shopping trips, she became very stubborn.  Looking back I think she really missed having me all to herself.  You can read about our Moment of Trouble out shopping here.

What do Summers look like around where you live?  Are there certain things you would like to focus on this Summer?

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  1. Kim

    Hooray for getting to the gym 2x and walking!!! That is awesome!!!
    Liquid calories – hmmm….not going to cute mine out – I look forward to my evening happy hour!!!
    I’m trying to make sure that the boys and I have plenty of fun together, too – hard to work it in some days with work and other stuff but it’s important so I will do it!!

    1. Debbie

      Oh Kim I was being this horribly high calorie drink from the coffee bean….. It was an obscene amount of calories :(

  2. Laura Smith

    You are doing an awesome job keep up the good work!
    Laura Smith recently posted…Punchline Party Game #Giveaway Ends 6/24My Profile

  3. Michelle F.

    Looks like you are doing great on a healthier you.
    Michelle F. recently posted…Whether You Are A First Time Mom or an Experienced Mom You have to Met SAM!My Profile

    1. Debbie

      Thank you Michelle, I’m hoping to stick with it!

  4. Kelly Kimmell

    Great job, I can’t seem to find time this summer to work out. I have been painting the house and redecorating.

    1. Debbie

      Hi Kelly, I love painting things it seems almost therapeutic for me. I bet your house is going to look awesome. Thank you for coming by.

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